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Who Are We?

In 2009, fresh off a large solar panel factory contract, Traek was thriving in the conditions set up by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the medical industry as small doctors offices scrambled to prepare for mandated electronic medical record systems. Most were highly complex deployments, designed for larger clinics and even hospital networks, leaving small businesses to invest in huge technological complexity and expertise overnight.

Though Traek’s experience with Fortune 100 company IT deployments suited him well to the tasks, he saw that the maintenance costs alone would begin to cause a tremendous strain on these small businesses, many of whom were still reeling from the recession just a year earlier.

In January of 2010, Traek formed Ungatech to provide what he termed “Green IT” to deploy simple, user-manageable software running on redundant, off-site hardware to leverage the collective buying power of many small businesses to lower maintenance and acquisition costs.

Before it was popular, Traek began building private and semi-private cloud systems bringing much-needed hardware quality improvements to the practices’ now-critical software and lowered on-going maintenance costs through remote, centralized management and enterprise-quality solutions rarely within reach of the SMB.

Today Ungatech continues to serve many local small businesses including the healthcare sector who find they have advanced IT needs but do not need dedicated IT staff.

But I’m in IT!

Great! We’re here to help you! If your place of business is already built to support your department, we can reduce or remove the most tedious aspects of your workload so you can focus your talents on value-added work instead of basic maintenance, break-fix and repetitive vendor issues. We can partner with you do develop custom solutions and better use your time in testing, process improvement, training and new program development. As you well know, technology can make or break a business and spending your time finding better solutions and helping the other staff in your work be more productive through technology use, you can become a critical asset to everyone you work with.

What Does Unga Mean?

Unga (OON-guh) was chosen as the name of the technology revolution Traek wanted to help bring about because of its roots in the Swahili language in connecting, consolidating, gathering and benefiting from an interconnectedness. This leveraging of multiple, simple resources allowed businesses to Plug In to the Planet and take advantage of the computational, storage and bandwidth excesses left at the table by thousands of small businesses every day.

At Ungatech, we look for uncommon solutions to common problems at the SMB as well as the enterprise, at the municipality as well as the national levels of governments, to help bring the collective technological resources of the planet to bear and make Green Technology a way of life on the planet.

What is Green Technology?

When advocates for green initiatives speak about their cause, it is typically born out of a strict sense of duty to seek for renewable or more sustainable alternatives to yesterday’s norms. Much like them, the Green Technology solutions Ungatech aims to provide are meant to be both attainable and sustainable — technology that will improve long-term affordability and help improve both the financial and literal landscape of the world.

Our philosophy is that a truly green technology is always better for the environment and better for the economy, both for the economies of nations and the businesses that make them up.

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