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Who is Ungatech

Ungatech has been proudly serving Maricopa’s diverse small business community since 2010 in stores, offices, and homes. We provide simple but powerful technology solutions to your business’ unique challenges, that you won’t need an IT expert to use. Our services are carefully vetted to bring you value and real peace of mind against the many threats to your business, including your bottom line.

Remote Support

Having trouble with your workstation? Need help understanding how to use your critical app on your mobile device? Our US-based technicians can help you directly on your device, anytime, anywhere. Download the client and call your service account manager for immediate assistance.

Custom Development

Our globally distributed team of C#/Java and C++ professionals adhere to high standards and excel in team collaboration and process adherence, without breaking the bank on your development project. Together with our Project Management expertise, our development solution will bring your project in faster, cheaper and with better quality.

APF Consulting

Traek has over 13 years of experience with Applied Materials APF Reporter, Real-Time Dispatcher (RTD) and Activity Manager for Automation both for the vendor and several of their semiconductor and storage customers. His in-fab and developer-mentored experience will be a valuable asset to your next APF project.

Cloud Collaboration

We have the experience you need to help your small business or enterprise customize and deploy your Office 365 or Google Workspace subscription.

Cloud Migration

Remove your dependency on physical systems on your premises, grow your global reach to partners and customers all while saving money and freeing up valuable IT resources!

Multi-seat RDS/VDI/VM Computing

Save thousands annually on hardware and signficantly reduce your employees’ downtime by virtualizing your workstations and servers.

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